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"We selected Bryan to speak at the 34th annual National Association of Graduate-Professional Students conference, hosted by the University of North Texas in November 2020. Bryan’s talk centered around the conference theme, Resiliency in 2020: Redefining Normalcy, and facilitated an impassioned dialogue on the intersection between values, mental health, and resource management. As graduate students in the middle of a global pandemic, we often felt overwhelmed and shaken during the entirety of 2020. Bryan’s energy, encouragement, and sincerity sustained and renewed our sense of hope."

Tiffany Miller, 2020 President of the University of North Texas Graduate Student Council 


"I really enjoyed reading the book Boss Up as it was a good reminder to take control of the things I want to accomplish in life and to not to be afraid to go

after it!"

Coach Rhonda Riley, Duke University Head Women's Cross Country coach and Assistant Track & Field Coach 

"Bryan Humphrey spoke to the My Brother's Keeper young men of color. His encouraging tone uplifted the spirits of the youth. They felt empowered form Mr. Humphrey skill set in keeping them engaged. Which could only have been imploded because of his unique way of connecting with the youth. His own experience allowed him to be able to understand and guide them into reaching their full potential. Mr. Humphrey is truly an asset to the My Brother's Keeper initiative.              

Rickie Clark, My Brother's Keeper, Speaker, Best Selling Author, Mentor 


"Boss Up! Is an inspirational, inspiring, motivational and a must read. The words and message in this book resonates with me in many ways and on various levels. The word self-actualization keeps me grounded and focus in my every day life! When I find myself experiencing negativity, doubting myself, or feeling discouraged I re-read the book and the 10 traits."

Dr. Melonee Harris, Assistant Principal for FWISD


“Boss Up” is a game changer! It literally shifts your energy and your mindset to its highest capacity! Grab one now and experience a total life change."


Tammy Price, National Director of Total Life Changes, Author, and Inspirational Speaker


"This book was so good! This books provides 10 life-changing traits with each one backed with personal stories, information and self-improvement techniques that anyone can build into their character. Bryan's stories are what really make this book powerful because they are all relatable yet simple and effective. I personally was pumped up after reading this book and believe EVERYONE should buy a copy and read it!"


Stacy A Cross, Founder of the Comfort Killers, LLC, Author & Speaker


"Other than the fact that Bryan is a captivating speaker, the way he delivers himself leaves the audience inspired, uplifted, and absolutely motivated. He’ll leave you feeling like you can soar & that only the sky is the limit for you and your dreams. I dare any dreamer as well as anyone who hasn’t yet found themselves believing in something bigger then themselves to attend a session with Bryan."

Josh Hurt, Christian Music Artist & Founder of The Worship Gathering 

"I’ve seen Mr. Bryan Humphrey literally electrify rooms speaking into the hearts of the people and inspiring them not only to boss up but to go be a change in someone else’s life. I’m proud to call him a friend but most importantly I’m proud to call him my fellow colleague in this industry of inspiring leaders. He is and will be the next biggest motivational and inspirational speaker because of his drive and his heart for people."

Jake Tayler, Finance Entrepreneur and Pastor of GMIOC (Featured on Yahoo Finance)  


"Bryan has an unique way of awakening the youth and commissioning them to do something big!! He challenges everyone to wake up and then gives steps to BOSS UP!  My life, my students’ lives have been enriched by his enthusiastic and promising approach!"


Charryse Law, M. Ed. - Educator, FWISD 


"For the last seventeen years i have read many inspiring, motivational books. Boss Up is a great read for everyone from all backgrounds, ages, and ethnicity. I was of course aware of Mr. Humphrey tremendous reputation as a powerful motivational speaker. True to his calling Bryan is using this book to empower individuals. He lives up to the hype and the brand. His authenticity was evident and his passion is contagious. I am EXCITED for you the reader you're about to meet the force of nature Mr. Bryan Humphrey and truly have your life changed."


Felicia Maeweather, Mary Kay/Beauty For Me Inc. National Sales Director 

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