Speaking Topics 

Bringing Out Your Greatness

Description: It’s disheartening to see so many students abilities, skills and opportunities go to waste because of hanging out with the wrong crowd, indulging in unhealthy habits, not using the available resources they have, and so on. And even on top of that, some students don’t have any idea of what their true talents and gift are. Understanding that students want to fit in and appear “cool” to their peers makes it difficult sometimes for students to choose a healthy path in life so they can become successful as they mature and develop into the real world. Let’s be honest, the high school, and college drop out rates are still entirely too high. Bryan believes that if students knew how to put their own selves in the best position to succeed more effectively, faculty and staff wouldn’t have to continue to “force” some of their students to do their homework, behave appropriately and identity their talents as much as they currently do.  When a student, with assistance, knows how to make healthier choices, self-reflect and become more self-disciplined it will make the teacher/professor and student workplace transaction go smoother. There is a high need for students whether in middle school, high school or even college to learn to become more self-sufficient

 emotionally and intellectually. 

What students will learn:

  • How to identify their true talents and gift and feel confident about what they are good at

  • How to identify their own downfalls in a more contextual way and why their choosing to make unhealthy decisions that is holding them back from them reaching success.

  • The importance of acknowledging which environments and situations motivates them to make good choices and work harder in school.

  • How they can overcome their current obstacles through taking practical steps and finding positive outlets  

  • The importance of using the resources that are available to them more consistently

  • Were their lack of belief in themselves stems from and identifying people that will support and encourage them to do better. 

  • How to replace a bad habit/action instead of just trying to stop it

  • How to maintain healthy relationships with people in a public/private setting.

Striving For Excellence 


Description: A huge misconception that students now a days appear to have is that trying and putting forth effort is enough. However, as we know in the real world in order to obtain true success we must complete the tasks and execute the mission. Bryan believes that if individuals were taught the importance of getting the job done while they are students whether grade school or college, hopefully both, more effectively there will be less depression, low self-esteem, dropout, anxiety rates and illegal activity. As things are getting clearer, just trying isn’t going to cut it in this day in age because the marketplace is becoming extremely competitive and there isn’t room for any extra slack anymore. When a student learns the importance of being held accountable for their actions, following through, and being honest about what they don’t understand it can help them have a better chance of being college and/or real world ready. Bryan believes that when students are more competent and confident in what they are doing at school it will decrease the chances of a student acting inappropriately, skipping school, failing state and licensing exams. Completion is one of the cornerstones of success.


What students will learn:


  • How to identify the gaps in their own working ethic

  • What is causing them to not finish assigned tasks and give up so easily

  • How to become more self-aware of which learning style works best for them.

  • How to minimize distractions

  • The importance of following through and being held accountable

  • How to identify what motivates them best to complete the tasks

  • The difference between effort and execution in a detailed manner

  •  Which environments and situations increases their confidence and self-esteem when putting forth the work 

Your Truth Always Wins  


Description: Yes, the intent matters! Have you ever wondered why you knew what to do to become more successful in life, but you didn't do it. Or even worse, you start doing it for a while and you just stop completely. Whether it’s trying to achieve a physical health goal, financial goal, spiritual goal, relationship goal, and etc. the reason behind the pursuit is what matters most to your own self-fulfillment. Doesn’t it bring a sense frustration when we have the blueprint on the table and the knowledge in our head, but we don’t execute on it and are not consistent enough to even give ourselves a chance to. Having the capabilities and skill set are important. It’s a pretty good idea to pursue something you are good/great at when it comes to your career. But what’s more important is getting to the root of your REAL WHY. Not the cute why that you may tell your friends and post on social media. what’s your selfish why? What really drives you? What really keeps you going no matter the circumstances? Bryan believes when an individuals’ REAL WHY is identified the individual becomes even more fulfilled working towards their dreams and goals in hope of one day achieving it if they already haven’t.

What Audience Will learn: 

  • The importance of accepting their reality when going after something they want

  • How become more prepared to achieve what they desire

  • How to contextualize the areas of their own improvement

  • How to adjust to the constant changes of life

  • How to choose the right stressors to improve their life

  • The Importance of building from their strengths.

  • How to appropriately let things go that no longer serves their best interest


Exposing to Heal 

Description: We now live in a day and age that becoming exposed isn’t actually a bad thing. Of course, at first, we may feel the pain and shame from someone knowing something about us that we may initially wanted to keep private. However, Bryan believes our purpose is unlocked from our past struggles and life processes. With the social media boom It’s hard to keep private anyways. There’s truth that our adversities can one day lead to our advantages if we look at our adversity from a healthy perspective and put forth the proper action to breakthrough from whatever challenges we are experiencing. Bryan believes that as individuals, we don’t have to be perfect to walk in our purpose but the more we walk into our purpose the more perfect we become. Trusting the process isn’t an easy thing to do, it can get quite ugly at times. However, when we peel the layers to expose our own self and discover who we really are we can start to live in our truth and serve others in the GREATEST way we know how to serve.

What Audience will learn: 

  • The importance of accepting what has happened to them

  • The importance of not over judging themselves for who they truly are

  • How to accept rejection and defeat

  • How to identify their emotional and mental triggers

  • How to deep dive into where certain triggers could potentially stem from

  • How they can turn their past or current pain into personal power

  • How they can transition their personal power into their purpose to serve others

Leaders Are Built Not Born


Description: In order to get viewed as a leader or a monopoly you must act as one. A great leader is one who serves the people he or she leads. One of the challenges of being a leader is being OK with the requirements and daily responsibilities that it takes to lead. Bryan believes that being a leader is more of a character and work ethic thing than a position thing. He Also believes that anyone can be a leader right NOW in their life with proper communication amongst others and execution of the task at hand. Honestly, leading by example is hard at times and can even be stressful. The attention that comes from being effective can sometimes be overwhelming, but instead of throwing the towel in and being ordinary this is the time when you should double down on what’s working to help others make an “extra” difference in someone’s life. Leaders should also take care of themselves to so they can be at their best when they serve others. If you want to be extraordinary it’s a good idea to be selfish first so you can be selfless later. You can’t give to others what you don’t posses within yourself. So, if you want to create an extra winning team, an extra kind environment, extra faithful relationships, and so on you must ensure your character and service reflects the leader that is irreplaceable.

What Staff/Audience will learn:

  • The importance of knowing their strengths and weakness

  • How to identify what motivates them internally

  • Which role/position in the company/team fits them BEST

  • How to follow more effectively

  • How to remain consistent without burning out

  • How to express empathy amongst others

  • How to take loses more positively

  • How to Embrace their own uniqueness within the company parameters