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"You are already the person you want to become you only have to bring it out of you"

- Bryan Humphrey

Mr. Bryan Humphrey


Bryan is a Native of Fort worth, Texas. He graduated from Wiley College in Spring 2013 with a Bachelor's  Degree in Sociology and earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Stephen F. Austin State University in Spring 2016. This led to him being the first person in his family to earn a Masters Degree. 

Bryan past challenges makes him an advocate for individuals whose lives are unfulfilled and the excellent motivational speaker. His story of having the lowest GPA in his college program at one point, failure of state exams, alcohol abuse, and lack of fulfillment resonates with people today.  

Not only did Bryan overcome the challenges of his past, he became a TEDx speaker who spoke about "overcoming obstacles and reaching self-fulfillment". Bryan has spoken at different churches, schools, non-profits, seminars, business events, and conferences. Bryan is the published author of the self-help books Boss Up!: 10 Traits One Must Have to Reach Self-Actualization (2018) and The Truth Always Wins: Becoming Fulfilled And Reducing Stress (2020). Bryan's mission is to help individuals who are lacking self-fulfillment by educating and empowering them on how they can reach self-actualization according to the circumstances they are currently in.



Speaking Engagements

Bryan's mission is to help you see your obstacle from  a healthier perspective and help you take effective action towards overcoming it so you can achieve the goals and dreams you desire. We believe that healthy perspectives along with healthy practical strategies produce healthy outcomes. The investment in your entity is the key to growth and achievement of your members. Bryan's Motivational presentation will give you the encouragement and strategies needed to take consistent action towards your goals. 


  • To help you discover your purpose in life and help you package it to make profit from it.

  • To help you structure and write your first book from start to finish. 

  • Book editing services to help you successfully write the BEST book possible.

  • To help you learn how to self publish your own book from scratch without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to a publishing company.

  • To help you learn how to become more attractive to TEDx Host to increase your chances of landing that BIG talk!

  • To help you break down your personal stressors and challenges in more depth to create a specific game plan to help you become happier and reduce stress levels. 


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